Included in this gift:

  • A starter site built on some crazy tech
  • Getting you connected to this site (ssh keys, git accounts... hacker stuff...)
  • Several hours of consultation and training with Uncle Nicklepickle on making this site your own
  • 5 years of domain hosting
  • 5 years of infrastructure hosting
  • An onging support package based on love
Disclaimer: Learning how to code not included.

See styleguide

Here you can see the basic building blocks for building pages.

Changes deploy automatically

But you will need to use git!

Built on ReactJs and Gatsby

Because they are cool!

Hosted On Netlify

Because we know what we are doing...

This is just a starter design

Maybe you like a different one?

Also... if you want just a basic html site...

We can set that up too!

Are you family? Type a name and find out...

Enter your first name and we shall see.

Current status

Quantum computer processing...